Welcome to my reality


My choreography explores individuality and unity through psychology by analyzing the conscious and unconscious realms of oneself and how those psychological attributes interact with one's environment.



Fight or Flight

"Fight or Flight" is a ten minute score designed to study communication skills among the dancers while exploring familiar relationships to connect with spectators. The score was made in collaboration with Mario Jaimes and developed over time in response to interpersonal rehearsals and previous experiences pulled from each dancers past. Tempo, repetition, sound, rules, eye contact, negative space, varying dynamics, and spacial patterns are a few dance elements considered while participating in the score.



Warped Conditions

"Warped Conditions" is inspired by behaviorist John B. Watson's "Little Albert" experiment, a controlled experiment designed to further understand how previous experiences can trigger unexplainable fears throughout life by introducing an infant to animals and loud noises. The infant became conditioned to associate the once seemingly peaceful animals to the fear caused by the loud noise. "Warped Conditions" conceptualizes conditioned fears pinpointed by Watson's experiment through use of animal masks, dance elements, and rehearsal discussions among the dancers. The piece considers how previous experiences shape one's reality while yearning to return to a pure childhood before trauma. The pure torture of one's reality comes alive with haunting and monstrous care.




"Ortographobia," a score created in collaboration with Jamie Carr, connects seemingly meaningless imagery to an imaginary story-line. "Ortographobia" coincides with the dancers' anxiety and stresses associated with dyslexia. Britton and Carr use arbitrary details to create their own reality. As per their thought process', spectators may not fully comprehend their reality but can find pleasure in the pleasant snapshots as viewed by an outside source.



"Restrained" flirts with resisting the restraint caused by anxiety and the feared beastly creature that dictates one's anxiety.




"Cycles" is designed for dancers and spectators to connect with the familiarity of cycles apparent throughout life. Rehearsals are designed to allow the dancers to create their own interpretation of the piece in relation to their personal life and how the cast connects with each other. The care of "Cycles" is preserved through thoughtful discussions that choosingly disclose the perfect amount of information as determined by each dancer and conversation. The artistry of each dancer greatens as layers manifest.